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10x RawRice

10x RawRice


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10x RawRice

You can now make delicious and healthy rice dishes with Raw Rice by CleanFoods. It will help with healthy eating, lose weight and is easy to prepare.

  • Only 6 kcal per 100 grams
  • Free of gluten, fat, added sugar, carbohydrates and lactose
  • Very rich in dietary fibre

Each pouch contains 200g net (for 2 servings)

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Konjac Fibre

What makes our Raw Rice so healthy? The chief ingredient is konjac fibre which is very healthy and is extracted from the konjac tuber. The konjac plant is a Japanese tuberous plant which is carb free and has few calories. Glucomannan is versatile and is mostly used in nutritional supplements. Apart from Raw Rice, our range also includes Raw Spaghetti, Raw Noodles and Raw Pancakes.

Rice Alternatives

Normal rice contains many calories and carbohydrates and therefore may not be eaten in many diets. Our Raw Rice is low calorie and low carb. You can use it in all your favourite rice dishes. The combination of rice with vegetable and soya sauce is particularly delicious.

Preparation of Raw Rice

Raw Rice can be prepared in 2 minutes. Rinse the rice with cold water. The rice can then be heated with the sauce. Just like our rice, noodles and pasta are also ready within 2 minutes.

Benefits of Raw Rice

Sugar free, fat free and gluten free
Carbohydrate free
6 calories per portion
Ready in 2 minutes

Low Carb Diet

In the last few years there have been many diets and it was often difficult to choose the right one. There is the paleo diet, Dukan diet and the Atkins diet. Although the diets are all different, avoiding calories and carbohydrates is common to all.
If you ingest fewer calories and carbohydrates, fat reserves are used, and you lose more weight.
Our products are low calorie and free from fat, sugar and carbohydrates. Start today to reach your diet target.


Water, Konjac Mannan, Calcium-OH-2 (Natural Stabilizer)

Nährwert Pro 100 g
Calories24 kj / 6 Kcal

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