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RawDiet Cookies and Cream

RawDiet Cookies and Cream


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RawDiet Cookies and Cream

The really tasty Raw Diet shakes by CleanFoods containing high quality ingredients are a proven diet for weight loss without hunger pangs.

  • Only 55 kcal per shake
  • Free of gluten, fat and added sugar - the Raw Diet vegan is also lactose free
  • Available in 6 delicious flavours

Content: 600g (15 shakes)

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Phase 1 - Duration: 1 week

In this phase we will reset the body. We must deal with old habits and this can only happen if we temporarily clear the body and the gut of all incorrect foods. Although this looks like a difficult phase, we ensure that the body loses weight in a healthy manner. Raw Diet delivers sufficient nutrients but you must be sure to drink enough water or tea - this is very important!

Phase 2 - Duration: 2 weeks

This is the rehabilitation phase. We add a healthy smoothie in order to start the day full of energy. During this phase you will feel better every day. The gut and liver still contain wrong foods. These are expelled from the body, periodically. During this phase it is important to take the time for a 30 minute walk every day. Movement is good for the circulation and the fresh air is good for the mind. Allow yourself this time!

Phase 3

Congratulations! On reaching this stage you have probably already lost a lot of weight and gained far more energy. You would surely want to continue now that an extra bread free meal is added to the menu. Bread is not forbidden in the Raw Diet but reducing it to a minimum has shown positive effects for many people. Bread contributes greatly to gut adhesion and also to bloating. During this phase you have so much energy you could perhaps take part in a light sporting activity for 1 or 2 days of the week?


Nutrimix®: polydextrose, micronized oats, low-fat milk powder, pea protein, quinoa protein, chia protein, vitamins and minerals. SlimMix®: konjak mannan extract (1000 mg per serving), green tea extract, choline bitartrate. CollaBeauty®: Vitamin C, D-pantothenic acid, biotin. Sweetmix®: flavor, extract stevioside, sucralose. Other ingredients: Guarpit extract, xanthan gum, (natural thickener), soy lecithin (agglomerate), cinnamon.

Nutritional value per 100 g
Calories24 Kcal

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