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6x TeaTox + FREE Shaker

6x TeaTox + FREE Shaker


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6x TeaTox + FREE Shaker

This delicious natural alternative to alcohol free drinks or iced tea is filled with healthy ingredients like matcha, turmeric, vitamins and minerals.

  • Less than 1 kcal per glass
  • Full of matcha, turmeric, vitamins and minerals, free of gluten, lactose and added sugar
  • Orange-lemon taste, lightly spiced

Contents: 300g (60 drinks)

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What is Matcha?

Japanese green tea (matcha) is ground to a powder. Matcha is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant. What makes matcha so special is the way the green tea is made. The different ways in which the leaves of the green tea are treated, determine the quality of the tea. Only a small number of elite tea farmers have the ability to produce high quality matcha. The matcha in TeaTox is of the highest quality with superior nutritional value and numerous therapeutic properties.

Use and preparation:

TeaTox as a refreshing cold drink. Mix one tablespoon (5gr) with 200ml cold water, add ice cubes and drink ice cold.
Tip: Make a large jug for the whole family. Mix 5 scoops with 1 litre ice cold water and add ice cubes and fresh mint. Enjoy TeaTox as a hot drink. Pour 200ml boiling water over 1 scoop TeaTox.


TeaTox mix: Polydextrose, bio matcha powder, turmeric extract, ginger extract, vitamins and minerals, konjac mannan extract (1000mg per portion) Tastemix: Citric acid, natural citrus flavour, stevia extract (natural sweetener)

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