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What are RawPancakes?

You can find them anywhere in the world. Everybody loves them. Now they’re finally available in a healthy form! RawPancakes that fit in every diet.

You won’t find them with less calories!

Everytime of the day.

We want to talk about a revolution. Because RawPancakes are one. The ideal pancake is reality now and you can decide for yourself what time of the day you want to make use of it.

Everybody loves RawPancakes

Did you already choose your favourite?

You must taste it. Only 21 calories per pancake and easy to make. We don’t know anybody who doesn’t like it. Some people even called in a ‘pancake day’ per week. They are available in 5 different varieties: Neutral, Caramel, Apple Cinnamon, RawTella and Banana.

Delicious and unique?

Pancakes with konjacpulver.

Just like our RawPasta, RawNoodles and RawRice, we’ve added the secret ingredient, the root of the konjac-plant, glucomannan. Konjac pulver has scientifically proved health benefits and helps with losing weight. RawPancakes are the ideal combination of protein and fibres.



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