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Fluoride free
Premium activated carbon
Leaves no stains
Aloe vera essence
Turns white instant
120ml tube

Made with normal charcoal
Makes your mouth black
Leaves stains
Not SLS free
70 ml tubes

Mix of chemicals
Contains fluoride
Contains SLS
Hurts your teeth
70ml tubes

Brighten your smile with MySmile!

MySmile is a natural alternative to conventional toothpaste. It contains no sodium laurette sulphate, no fluorides, no chemical salts, only the best of nature.
In comparison, other kinds of toothpaste use normal carbon - MySmile is made of micronized activated carbon from bamboo. That's why you won't have any black residue of toothpaste between your teeth. Your smile will be brightened step by step and naturally after the first use.

Aloe Vera gives your teeth and gums a protective layer. The natural mint extract also gives you a fresh breath.

The secret of healthy smiles: MySmile Tabs!

Combine our My Smile toothpaste with our special MySmile vitamins and our soft activated carbon bamboo brush. The mineral formula in MySmile Vitamins helps your teeth to stay strong and healthy. Stop exposing your teeth and chemicals and start every day with great, white and healthy teeth. This will definitely become one of your favorite products!

Normal toothpastes usually contain only 70-75ml, MySmile doubles with 120ml toothpaste per tube!
The secret to beautiful teeth of celebrities is now revealed!





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