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What is RawSpaghetti?

RawSpaghetti is the first suuperfood spaghetti of the UK. Free of gluten, low in calories and has little carbohydrates. Finally you can enjoy the Italian kitchen without feeling guilty! Replace traditional pasta with RawPasta and see the difference for yourself.

The secret...

... The root of miracles

RawSpaghetti is made from the root of the konjac-plant, also called Shirataki. For centuries long it was very popular around Asiatic countries. The spaghetti is fast and easy to prepare. And almost calorie free! They only contain 6 calories per 100 Gram. That’s less than a cucumber!

What makes it so special?

The root!

De konjac-root has everything, or better, has nothing! You can compare it with a potato, but it is free of protein or carbohydrates. RawSpaghetti contains lots of important fibers, so called Glucomannan. Glucomannan has scientifically proved health benefits and helps with losing weight.



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